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Jen Selter Challenge – Week 3

And I’m back to recap my Week 3 fit-perience with #JenSelterChallenge workout! I never thought that I could make it to Week 3 as I have been incredibly busy at work yet I made it to WEEK 3! YAAAAAAAAAAAS I started Week 3 on Thursday instead of Monday as I’m a bit behind to what Jen had… Continue reading Jen Selter Challenge – Week 3

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Dubai Summer Sale Haul: Bath & Body Works, Charming Charlie

I’m one of those girls that only shops when there are massive sale discounts. It has become a habit, really. I guess it is because I’m a working student and majority of my fees goes to my studies. Broke as I may sound, that doesn’t hinder me from buying the stuff I want. Although I… Continue reading Dubai Summer Sale Haul: Bath & Body Works, Charming Charlie

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Top 3 Current Favorite Lipsticks

  Lipsticks are powerful. Whenever I’m too lazy or have little time to put my full makeup on, applying some lipstick makes me look like I spent an hour in the mirror; good ‘ol trick as they say. And when I say powerful, applying lipstick can instantly make you bolder and confident, especially bold and dark… Continue reading Top 3 Current Favorite Lipsticks

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Healthy Shin Ramyun Ramen Noodles Recipe

Coming to UAE uncovered my taste buds with unique cuisines from different countries. Spicy food have a special place in my heart. I remember eating spicy biryani for the first time and I instantly got hooked! Oh boy, I ate it for many days— and it didn’t take long to gain weight too. lol It wasn’t long… Continue reading Healthy Shin Ramyun Ramen Noodles Recipe