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Jen Selter Challenge – 4TH and last week!

I know it’s been more than a month since I posted. Most days of these past early weeks of October haven’t been that pleasant to me; I couldn’t find any motivation to write anything and I do apologise for that if any of you are expecting new posts. I was thinking that I had done it again, and it is obviously not good *face palm*. At the same time, I wouldn’t want to write posts and look ‘forced’ as it would appear uninteresting and bland.
Furthermore, I will write this reason of mine in a separate post because it can be quite lengthy.

I am posting my 4th week’s experience of #JenSelterChallenge. This is the last workout that Jen had published on her website.

August 27 | Sunday

I did this workout the day after beach day where my sister and I spent the whole day hiking and swimming. It was exhausting and thought I wouldn’t be capable of doing this workout the next day. Surprisingly, my body quickly recovered and perhaps, it too had gotten used to all the workouts I had been doing. Yassssss finally paying off!


  • 25 High knees
  • 20 Air Squats
  • 6 Push-Ups
  • Rest for 1 minute –> Repeat (3x)
  • Stretch


  • RUN in place for 1 minute OR complete 1 minute of JUMPING JACKS
  • 20 Burpees (try not to modify, put your chest right down to ground)
  • 20 Goblet Squats (hold weight of your choice at chest level and do deep squat/stand all way up)
  • 20 Crunches
  • 30 second Leg Lifts
  • 30 second Plank

REPEAT for 5 Rounds

I did 3 rounds of warm-up without taking any short breaks. Yay! \

I chose 1-minute jumping jacks on my first exercise; I got really fond of jumping jacks ever since doing this challenge. Oh, and burpees too! Jen loooooves burpees, no doubt she always includes it on every workout of this challenge. I managed to do 10 straight burpees then a few seconds of rest and proceed to another set of 10 burpees. On goblet squats, I did 20 of those with 4-kg dumbbells and I did the rest of these workouts for 5 rounds.

This workout left me sore and completely jaded the next day so I took 2 days of rest.


August 30 | Wednesday

I did HIIT Cardio a bit early; it is because the last two days had been sort of my “cheat days” BUT I do have a good excuse: Boyfriend’s birthday!!!

Because “Happy Birthday” is too overrated.
Herbed potato wedges, asparagus with parmesan cheese, and chicken breast with cream sauce – MASSIVE DINNER

Now that explains it: I need to burn this massive meal! HIIT cardio put my body and mind at ease whenever I had unplanned cheat days.



August 31| Thursday

FOLLOW THE warm-up above or create your own to get your heart rate up then stretch and complete the below!

Part A: Set your clock for 12 minutes

  • ON the ODD minutes do 10 Push-Ups
  • ON the EVEN minutes: MAX EFFORT Russian Twists with a dumbbell or medicine ball! (Try to go for the whole minute. If you’re unable to, do as many as you can until failure.  Only do one set per minute and rest the remainder of the time)

Repeat until 12 minutes is up. IF you finish before your minute is up, just REST. But be sure to try and complete the reps within the assigned minute. If you do not, pick a scalable number you’re able to complete each round.

Part B: Set your clock for 10 Minutes

  • ON the ODD minutes do Power Air Squats (as many as possible)
  • ON the EVEN minutes do Lateral Arm Raises (with weight)

Following my intense HIIT workout, I wasn’t that sore so I still pushed through this workout.

I set my timer to 12 minutes and after doing 4 full push-ups I said to myself,
This isn’t going to work out hun” so instead of full-body push-ups, I went for knee push-ups instead. So if you find it hard to do full body push-ups, you can do alternative push-ups that you’re comfortable doing with.
I did knee push-ups on odd minutes and russian twists with dumbbells on even minutes. I finished this workout within 12 minutes. Boy, it felt good!

Part B had the same strategy but set with different time and exercises.
I did as many power air squats during odd minutes and lateral arm raises with weights during even minutes.

August 31-june-selter-challenge

September 3| Sunday (LAST WORKOUT!)

I deserved doing this workout after taking two-days break!
On Friday afternoon, me, my boyfriend and the rest of his squad went to brunch to celebrate birthdays of September Celebrants. Brunch isn’t even the “brunch” that we all know.
In Dubai, brunch is a buffet-style feast with over-flowing drinks! Brunches traditionally take place every Friday(first day of the weekend) starting at noon but since many expats, most especially Westerners, had traditionally become part of their weekends and due to high demands, it led many hotels, clubs, restaurants to hosts even on weekdays and Saturday brunches. Oh, and may I add that some even host evening brunches?!

Brunch look


Short pink nails to match my already pink off-shoulder dress


Amazing brunch with boyfriend’s squad


The brunch took place at The Westin Dubai’s famous Bubbalicious. Goodness, they have the most extensive menu after Junsui Restaurant in Burj Khalifa! It felt like heaven but sadly, my petite body could only digest a few amount of food and booze that day. All in all, this by far, one of the poshest brunches I’d ever been and ABSOLUTELY worth going to.

Now back to the last workout of this challenge:

Warm Up & Stretch 🙂

PART A: Complete for 10 rounds with 1 minute breaks in between!

  • 10 Fire Hydrants (each leg)
  • 10 Mountain Climbers
  • 12 Alternating Jump Lunges
  • 10 Glute Bridges
  • Single-Leg Glue Bridge Hold (hold 10 seconds each leg/ make sure to keep your hips held up as high as possible!)
  • 10 Power Squats (squeeze your booty when coming up!)


  • For 2 minutes do as many PUSH-UPS as possible. Compare to your first week scores
  • For 2 minutes do as many SIT-UPS as possible- Compare to your first week scores

Since it was the last workout that I’d be doing, I wasn’t jolted once my eyes glanced over
“10 rounds” – I deserved that after brunching and partaking booze from between five – six-ish straight that very day.

The workout hadn’t burned as many calories than I expected to:



Nevertheless, I still shed a good amount of calories and sweat profusely while doing this workout.

Last of the last workout! Part B consists of two workouts: push-ups and sit-ups.
I did both for two minutes each. For push-ups, I managed to do 23 push-ups(not bad!) while I had done 45 sit-ups. I made sure to get my muscles a good stretch and DONE!


I officially finished #JENSELTERCHALLENGE!


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