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Jen Selter Challenge – Week 3

And I’m back to recap my Week 3 fit-perience with #JenSelterChallenge workout!
I never thought that I could make it to Week 3 as I have been incredibly busy at work yet I made it to WEEK 3! YAAAAAAAAAAAS

I started Week 3 on Thursday instead of Monday as I’m a bit behind to what Jen had scheduled but that’s fine as long as you don’t stop doing the rest of the challenge.

By this time, I am period free. ALAS, F R E E D O M! Free from pain and cramps!
I usually workout during red tide days but out of extreme cramps and ‘not really in the mood’, I decided to be a ‘waste of space’—as to what my boyfriend calls it and the fact that we have found a new date idea of just cooking recipes together, and mainly teaching him how to properly cook meals.

Now we only do that during weekends and I could proudly say that my meal plans throughout the week had been very disciplined and moderate. I don’t really follow any diet plans and just strict myself not to get large portions of fat and carbs.

My typical breakfast is either oatmeal or 2 boiled eggs accompanied with tea— 2 bags of yellow Lipton tea, honey, and a tiny bitsy amount of full-fat milk.

Lunch is a bit heavier, usually half a cup of rice, half a cup of veggies, and meat—chicken or beef.

My current go-to pre-workout snack is strawberry and banana smoothie.

Supper comes last and I eat less at this point, I’m usually still full from the smoothie I had earlier before the workout and would just have soup or whole wheat toast for dinner.

August 10 | Thursday


  • 30 Jumping Jacks
  • 10-15 Slow Squats  (don’t forget to squeeze the booty when you come up)
  • 10 Lunge Jumps (you could add weights too)
  • High Knees Jogging on Spot 1 minute
  • Repeat 1 more time

Warmup above –> Workout below


A)  5 minutes

  • 10 Push ups or modified
  • 20 Squats (may use weight)
  • Repeat
  • 2 minute rest

B)  5 minutes

  • 10 Burpees
  • 20 Sit-ups (full, or crunches)
  • Repeat
  • 2 min rest

C)  5 minutes

  • 30 second Plank hold with hip rotations (in plank touch each hip to the ground back and fourth)
  • 20 Jumping (power) Lunges
  • Repeat
  • 2 min rest

D)  5 minutes

  • 10 Tuck Jumps
  • 20 Squat Jumps
  • 5 Push-ups
  • Repeat

At this point, I’m very familiar with warm-up exercises. After the workout, I started doing ‘5-minute round’ workout.

The workout consists of four parts that consist of 2 exercises on each parts and on each parts, these exercises should be both repeated within 5 minutes. After repetition, I rested for 2 minutes before doing the next round. I manage to do 5 rounds and it felt amazing!


I used to think that 5 rounds are just too much and I might not make it in the end, and if you’ve read my previous posts—Week 1 and Week 2—I always opt for 4 rounds and wouldn’t push through, but this time, I DID! One main thing that surprised me is that I can do push up without modifying it. How. Awesome. IZ. THAT!

August 14 | Monday

Warm Up –> Workout Below

Workout- Chipper – Chip away at it until you are finished. Do as much as possible in 20 minutes. Take your time and make every rep count.
Remember to not look at the big number. Break it into smaller sets and focus on that.

  • 50 Burpees
  • 100 Step –ups (onto a chair or bench)
  • 150 Sit-ups
  • 200 Air Squats (add weight for more challenge)
  • 250 Jump Ropes (each rope pass counts as a rep) If you don’t have a rope, use an imaginary one and count your jumps.

If  you finish in less than 20 minutes, start back at the top! Rest as needed, but keep breaks short to keep your heart rate up.. Log your numbers so you can beat them next time!

Oh boy. I don’t know where to start with this workout. As much as I would like to not look at these massive numbers, I still did and my mind obviously panicked—I did it the HARD WAY.

Break it into smaller sets and focus on that.

So I  skipped reading the instructions and didn’t know that I can break it into smaller sets. DANG IT.
And you guessed it right, I did this workout per exercise until I get to the end of hell.

I finished almost all of these workouts except Air squats; I was only able to do 100 Air Squats and on a positive note, that’s more than what I’ve been doing the past weeks and to me, that’s already an achievement.

The hardest exercise that I’ve done was doing 50 burpees. Are you KIDDING ME?! I was dying pushing thru 10 burpees and doing it 5 times almost led me to comatose! Anyway, I successfully finished but it took me 10 mins until I make it to 50.


Overall, this workout did push my level of strength to the highest level, and I felt so good and proud that I accomplished such a massive amount of exercises like this!


August 17 | Thursday

Complete 30-45 Minutes Of Cardio

The previous workout made my whole body sore particularly my core and inner thighs.
I’m quite relieved that it’s a cardio day, which means I just have to connect my laptop to the TV and this:



And the total calories burned:



August 20 | Sunday

THURSDAY: Warm Up –> Workout Below

“The Dirty Thirty For 300! Perform 30 Reps Of Each Exercise *Try To Complete This All In 25 Minutes

  • 30 Jumping Lunges
  • 30 Jumping Jacks
  • 30 Push ups
  • 30 Mountain Climbers
  • 30 Alternating Bicep curls (10-20lbs)
  • 30 Tricep Dips (use chair, bench or box)
  • 30 Step-ups or Box jumps (use chair, box or bench)
  • 30 Jumping Air squats ( add weight)
  • 30 Burpees
  • 30 Sit Ups or Crunches

IF you complete this before 25 minutes, start from the top!

After the previous extreme workout, the Dirty Thirty didn’t scare me anymore.
I manage to do the whole list plus another set of 30 Jumping Lunges and 30 jumping jacks. I can tell that my body is getting used to bodyweight exercises and I AM LOVING IT.


August 22 | Tuesday

Friday:  Warm Up –> Work Out Below
Part A: 15 min

25 Crunches (add weight for advanced)
15 Donkey Kicks (each leg)
25 Walking Lunges (add dumbbells for advanced)
15 Squat Jumps
30 Sec plank then SIDE Planks each side (One hand on ground, other held straight up to ceiling)

Repeat from the top.  Count your number of rounds you finish in 15 minutes.

Part B: For 1 minute do a step up/step down plank.  Count how many times you can go up and down in 1 minute.

Everything seemed to be so easy after the past hardcore workouts I’ve experienced.
I didn’t follow the 15-minute rule this time and did 3 rounds of Part A.

Part B consist of one minute Step up/step down plank and I must admit that this one’ izzz hard and partly because of doing 3 rounds of Part A.



August 26 | Saturday

30 minutes of medium intensity Cardio

After 3 days rest, my body really deserve some cardio workout! My sister and I decided to head to the beach. The weather in Dubai is getting bearable and good for some beach time!
We did long walks and explored the beach in Mamzar Park, Dubai.








It’s refreshing to be back at the sea again.



A day at the beach did really exhaust me and my skin a.k.a sunburn! But I’m not complaining; it was worth it. I think I lose 2000 calories from strolling at the beach and a bit of swimming.

By the end of the week, I felt so good entirely about my body. I think my body is getting used to doing more workouts than it used to do which was 3 times a week. I also noticed that my core is much stronger than it did before with gym equipment, ahhhh isn’t that great?

Bodyweight and HIIT aren’t just losing fat but will certainly gain you muscle even without gym equipment!

And this is what my hard-work paid me off so far:



Not flexing






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