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I tried Jen Selter’s Challenge – Week 1

 DAY 1 | Sunday | 16th of July

I arrived home at 6 PM, which is a bit early than my usual arrival. Earlier at lunch, I had two pieces of chicken protein bread wrap. And when I got home I made sure to snack on before I start this workout so I indulged avocado smoothie and one piece of banana with peanut butter —quick pre-workout snack!

Day 1 – Experience


  • 30 Jumping Jacks or 10 Burpees
  • Squats 12 Reps (don’t forget to squeeze the booty when you come up)
  • 15 Walking Lunges (you could add weights too)
  • High Knees Jogging on Spot 20 Reps



DAY 1: Complete Warm-Up Above


  • 10 Push-ups (can do modified) or Spiderman walks (advanced)
  • 25 Air squats (can add weight if choose)
  • 30 second Plank Hold on elbows or hands
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 25 Sit-ups (all the way up, no crunches) or V ups to toe touch (advanced)

REPEAT THIS CYCLE for 5 Rounds. If you are a beginner, just do 4 rounds! Once done record your time. Take 5 min rest.


  • Set clock for 2 min. (beginner 1 min)
  • Do as many PUSH- UPS as possible in that time. Record
  • Set clock for 2 min. (Beginner 1 min)
  • Do as many AIR SQUATS to KICKBACKS as possible in that time.
  • Performance: Do an Air Squat and at the top of each rep kick a leg back and flex your glute, switch legs each time. Record



Kidding. But yeah it did kill me a bit. I didn’t work out for a week so that might be the cause.

Warm up is very basic, just enough to increase my heart rate and prep my muscles for the workout.
The workout itself consists of two parts: Part A and Part B.
Oh boy. Both parts contain exercises that I don’t like and often skip—push-ups and plank! Now that’s a challenge.
Jen mentioned that you can do 4 rounds instead of 5 if you’re a beginner.
So I decided to do 4 rounds.
Since I hate incline push-ups, I did 10 modified push-ups instead.

Modified push-up


I added 2kg by wearing ankle weights as I did 25 air squats.
Adding weights made this exercise extra difficult and drastically increased my heart rate.
I prefer this workout more than push ups so I didn’t bother the difficulty level and kept including ankle weights til the end.

30-second elbow plank is not that tough compared to modified push-up, therefore, I finished it without any difficulty—same goes to 20 reps mountain climbers.

Since I can’t go all the way up when doing sit ups, I thought why not try V ups. MERP. Wrong. Both were hard to me so I came up with another alternative—sit up with dumbbells.

photo source:

I rested for 5 minutes after completing 4 rounds of these exercises before proceeding to Part B.

Part B consists of only two exercises from Part A: pushups and air squats (to kickbacks).

Both exercises need to be done within the given time. I still did modified push-ups in 1 min and air squats to kickbacks in 2 mins.
I only have 2 mins to complete and I had a feeling that I might not finish till the end if I’m wearing ankle weights so I decided to wear them off.
Air squats to kickbacks are definitely a glute killer plus the limited time, I was left exhausted. After a few seconds of rest, I then ended it with a good stretch.

I was able to track my heart rate and total calories burned from the workout using
MyZone MZ-3—a wearable chest belt device that monitors heart rate and tracks the total calories burned.
I bought it around the same time I joined the gym two years ago at Fitness First.

This wonderful device sends me my effort stream charts after workouts.

Calories burned on Day 1


MEPs is an acronym for MYZONE Effort Points, and it’s the metric by which everything is measured in the MYZONE system. MEPs are earned by exercising in your desired heart rate zone over a period of time.


I lost 720 calories in 1 and a half time including cool down and stretching.
This has helped me throughout the last two years in the fitness world.
I figured it would be helpful to share the total of calories that I will be losing throughout this challenge.

DAY 2 | Monday | 17th of July

I arrived late, around 6:30 PM, and I wasn’t able to buy pre-workout ingredients due to hot and humid—45 degrees—weather.
Luckily I still have some bananas left so I just had that with peanut butter.

Day 2 – Experience

DAY 2: Complete Warm Up.

Set Your Timer For 20 Minutes. Complete All Exercises To The End. Try To Finish All Before Time Runs Out, If You Finish Before Time Is Done Start Again Until Time Runs Out. Score. How Many Rounds Did You Finish?

  • 10 Burpees
  • 25 Step-Ups and Reach to the Sky (at top of movement do a shoulder press; can add weight) Or Jump Up and Step Down (use box or chair)
  • 30 Mountain Climbers
  • 60 Jumping Jacks
  • 60 Air Squats or Jumping Lunges (advanced)

Record your time. REPEAT if you still have time left!

I did the same warm up given on Day 1.
Day 2 workout contains 5 exercises that needed to be done in 20 minutes.
It may seem difficult considering the last two exercises but hey, it’s just a number and I’m able to do one more round in 20 minutes!

Calories burned on Day 2:

Day 2 - Jenselterchallenge-calories

DAY 3 | Tuesday | 18th of July

DAY 3:  Cardio Day

stretch –> complete 30-45 minutes of cardio, You’re not done until you break a sweat 😉 –>  stretch

By this time, I had sore muscles from the previous workouts but it wasn’t that bad so I continued to Day 3.

CARDIO DAY!!!!! I’m a big fan of cardio workouts as it’s quick and fun at the same time.
For my cardio day, I chose Fitness Blender’s 37 Minute Blender Cardio Workout.


Calories burned on Day 3:

day 3 - Jenselterchallenge

DAY 4 | Thursday | 20th of July

I decided to take rest on Wednesday and proceed on Thursday to allow recovery and prevent any injuries.
My pre-workout snack is Greek yogurt with strawberries and bananas.

Day 4 – Experience

DAY 4: Complete Warm Up.

Complete 6 rounds of the below (beginners do 4 rounds). Don’t give up on this one. Just don’t forget to breathe!!!

  • 15 Air Squats or Jumping lunges (advanced)
  • 15 Sit-ups or Russian twists
  • 10 Burpees
  • 15 Donkey Kicks (each leg)
  • Repeat your rounds then remember to STRETCH your body out

Honestly, I’m lazy to complete this one. Also, I’m craving bowl of pasta and KFC fries!
My lunch earlier consists of 1 cup of rice and chicken breast tinola—enough to make me full hence the rice.
But NOPE. Not enough. I was doing this workout while thinking of what food to order because I’m also too lazy to cook! :/

I have done 4 rounds of these despite my extreme laziness and food cravings. Yay!
I did Russian twists instead of sit-ups as I find sit-ups difficult to do when doing it alone. I added 2kg dumbbells while doing Russian twists.
I’m too excited to eat I almost forgot to stretch. Merp.

For post workout meal, I ordered half grilled chicken, whole wheat flat bread
( I only ate 1/4 of it), and a salad. WORTH IT!

Calories burned on Day 4

Day-4- JenSelterChallenge

I personally like ‘per round’ workouts because it helps me focus more on my workouts rather than the time.
I think this is perfect for beginners, who are still figuring out proper forms of each workout.

DAY 5 | Sunday | 23rd of July

I decided to rest for two days over the weekends (Friday and Saturday are marked as weekends in Dubai).
I was sore from last Thursday so resting for two days helped my muscles recover.
On Saturday, my sister and I went to a Spa. I was able to relax the entire time.

I had my pre-workout snack and this time its oatmeal with banana.
You can tell by now that I love bananas.

Day 5 – Experience

DAY 5: Complete Warm Up. You Are Doing Great! Almost 1 Week Down!! Keep It Going!


  • Set clock for 1 minute.
  • Do as many Pushups as possible
  • Set clock for 1 minute.
  • Do as many Air Squats as possible


PART B:  Set your clock for 14 minutes. Do the following work.

  • 20 Second Plank (flat backs, no butts in the air or sagging down)
  • 15 Jumping Squats
  • 20 Second Plank
  • 30 Bicycle Sit- ups
  • 20 Second Plank
  • 45 Jumping Jacks or Tuck jumps

Repeat until you finish the 14 minutes

As usual, I did my warm up.
Day 5 workout is very similar to Day 1 except setting the timer on both parts.
I did pushups for a good 20 seconds and switch to modified pushups. LOL I know.
I’m not really a fan of pushups.
Nevertheless, I finished it by doing modified pushups. Hail to modified pushups!!!!!

I repeated this one more time before proceeding to Part B.

Part B surprisingly consists of 6 exercises that needed to be done in 14 minutes.
I am able to do 3 and a half rounds of Part B’s workout in 14 minutes, however, I must warn you that it’s harder than it looks.
I believe it boils down to the timer and I’m not gonna lie, I stopped the timer when I  needed to rest for a few seconds until I can go back again.
I guess this is why I didn’t lose many calories as I keep on taking breaks. :/

Calories burned on Day 5

Day - 5 - Jenselterchallenge


And that’s the end of #JenSelterChallenge Week 1’s workout!


Week 1 wasn’t neither that hard nor easy. I personally think this is good as it helps the body prepare for something harder (SPOILER ALERT: I had a quick look on Jen’s week 2, ITS HARD!).
I can’t believe that I worked out 6 times this past week!
For someone who works and studies, this is already an achievement.
I felt physically and mentally great each time I wake up in the morning—not just that— I  noticed that I craved less junk food and increased my water intake.
Jen’s choices of workouts aren’t just mostly for booty but she included workouts that involve the whole body.
The results are not obvious—yet—but mentally speaking, my body feels stronger and ready for Week 2!


jen-selter-workout- week 1


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