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Healthy Shin Ramyun Ramen Noodles Recipe

Coming to UAE uncovered my taste buds with unique cuisines from different countries.
Spicy food have a special place in my heart. I remember eating spicy biryani for the first time and I instantly got hooked! Oh boy, I ate it for many days and it didn’t take long to gain weight too. lol

It wasn’t long ago, too, when I discovered my fondness towards Shin Ramyun Instant Korean Noodles.
I have been an instant noodle hoarder back in High School since it’s delicious, easy to prepare and always satisfies my cravings. Things changed when I signed up for a gym membership and got back into shape. I began to be aware of what I should and should not eat even when I’m not working out. Although I still do ‘cheat day meals’, I’ve come to realize that junk food just won’t do any good in the bodyno matter how it deliciously satisfies your cravings.

Last week, I was on the way home and had high cravings of Ramyun Instant Noodles.
There were many times that my cravings won and I would later feel bad about it.
I’m really eager to quit my instant noodle addiction folks and it wasn’t that easy!
I promised myself not to purchase these devils ever again as it contains high levels of saturated fats (12.4g) and sodium (1530mg)!!!

Now that’s a heck amount of sodium and clearly very unhealthy!

According to the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), the daily recommended sodium intake, aka salt, is between 920mg to 2300mg. But as seen above, one small cup of Nongshim Shin Ramyun noodles already accounts for almost 50% of the recommended salt intake! This is even more astonishing as it’s now become widely known that excessive salt consumption can contribute to high blood pressure!


Thanks to the Internet and my quick-thinking that day (I almost failed there!), I found fussfreecooking’s homemade version and took it as my reference and guide to preparing this delicious healthy meal. ❤

shin ramyun.png


I added and revised my toppings to my liking. Adding a bit of oyster sauce makes a big difference. I also added fish sauce instead of salt as it adds more flavor to my soup.




Start of by cutting ingredients


Shin ramyun ingredients


Shin ramyun ingredients

Shin ramyun ingredients


I also added beef strips after adding shiitake mushrooms. Merp. I was too busy snapping Martin and completely forgot to take pics! lol

hot bean paste

hot bean paste

After sautéing, add hot bean paste and sauté until the whole ingredients slightly absorbed the paste. I got my hot red bean paste at Spinneys. If you live in Dubai, just head to the Asian Aisle.

For the soup, what I did was, I poured 2 cups of water in a separate bowl and toss 2 beef cubes until it melted. Now, this may vary to each person. I want to make sure that the beef cubes will melt and won’t leave particles in my soup.

Shin ramyun soup

After pouring 2 cups of beef cubes, I followed up by adding 2 cups of water.
For the noodles, I chose Thai Rice Noodles since I couldn’t find any Udon Noodles available at Spinneys. I boiled the noodles as per the pack’s instructions. If you’re going to use another type or brand of noodles, make sure to follow the cooking time. Just like pasta, we want it al dente. 😉

thai noodles

Cook the soup in high heat and cover it with lid. I let it cook for about 10 minutes then reduce to low heat. Let the soup simmer for about 2 minutes before serving.

healthy shin ramyun noodles

healthy shin ramyun noodles



Although it isn’t as quick to prepare than the instant version, it’s definitely healthier and guilt-free!






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