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Review: Holika Holika Red Wine Therapy Sleeping Mask

Face masks are amazing. They only not treat your skin but also relaxes you in a whole new level. Also, they have variations of collections that your skin needs.
From the type of face mask to hundred lists of flavors to choose from, you can never get tired of getting one.

To date, I am using Holika’s Red Wine Therapy Sleeping Mask. I was so eager to try this soon as I get home as I’ve never tried sleeping masks before. And this is also my first ever purchased sleeping mask.

Holika Holika Wine Therapy Sleeping Mask

I wasn’t surprised when I saw how beautiful the packaging is.
Beauty products in Korea always have well-thought product designs so no wonder everyone loves to buy Korean-based beauty products!


Holika Holika red wine sleeping mask
Barrel-like jar, how cute is that?!


Holika Sleeping Mask has two flavors to choose from.

White Wine  – provides moisture and brightens skin.
Red Wine –  promotes skin elasticity and smooth skin.

White Wine contains ten per cent of  France Borgogno Chardonnay White Wine Extract while the Red Wine contains ten per cent Bordeaux Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine extract. So if you’re a Wine obsessed, this is a must try!

Aside from the wine extract, it also contains the following:

Adenosine –  proven to fight off wrinkles, also functions as a soothing and skin-restoring agent. Aside from that, this ingredient can also naturally be found in the body.

Organic Herb Water – simply water infused with herbs for a boost of healthy skin.

It also comes with a small spatula to scoop out the product. This will also keep the product clean for a next time use.

Holika Holika Red Wine Sleeping Mask

This has a gel-like consistency and within a matter of seconds, it will transform into a gooey-like consistency. I didn’t like it at first because of the gooey part but as I continually use it twice a week, I become acclimated to the routine and besides, it has that grape scent that I love; sweet and relaxing.

Holika Holika red wine sleeping mask swatch
Wrist  Swatch


Once Applied




Holika Holika Red Wine Sleeping Mask application

I cleansed and toned my skin before putting this on as per the instructions posted on their website. Like I said, I didn’t like the first application because it was gooey and sticky.
But then after a couple of try, I got the hang of it.

If you’re a restless or an extroverted sleeper, you might want to put a towel or cover so it won’t stain your pillow.

Product Experience


I woke up with less sticky face and you can tell that the skin absorbed the product very well overnight as my skin looked more well-rested and very supple. It also helped minimize my pimples, the ones on my nose and between my eyebrows. And to make it more luxurious, I keep it in the fridge before using; it’s perfect during hot summer months. This product will also be a great use during the winter where the skin tends to be the driest.

I then washed it off with water and applied some good daytime moisturiser with SPF.
I skipped BB cream every time I use it and just use minimal concealer to cover my zits.

Will I repurchase this again?
Heck yes! This product slays and does wonders overnight. Oh and btw, I mostly use this product the night before my date or on special occasions. LOL

Holika Holika Red wine sleeping mask


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