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Review: Proactiv Refining Mask

Ciao 🙂
I previously purchased one of their kits at Boots Pharmacy.  The kit contains a cleanser, toner, spot lotion treatment, and 2 Proactiv refining masks. Before we head down to the main review, I just want to give a little review about my Proactiv kit experience.

I previously suffered from mild acne and flaky skin especially on the sides of my nose. So I temporarily replaced my regular skin care with the kit instead. The first week was not that bad actually, albeit I  noticed that my face started to peel. I’m aware that its normal for my skin to peel as it contains Benzoyl peroxide. After the peeling, my breakouts are all gone and I must admit that I was amazed by the result.

Since my face is acne free, I decided to stop and go back to my old usual skin care routine. And bam! My skin started to break out again and it became worse!

I personally think that using their products all at once is really bad for the skin.
I regret that I didn’t search for reviews about their products online first before using it.
Now I do not want to throw this all out because it was so dang expensive!
So I came up with a ‘plan’ by switching some of my skincare products with proactiv. And fortunately, it did work.

I personally think that proactiv is “not at all” a bad product. I think it is how you use the products. If you use all of the products at the same time, then that’s where the harm begins.

Moving on. I am currently loving their Proactiv Refining Mask.

Proactiv refining mask contains sulfur, kaolin, tea tree oil, and vitamin E.

I have been very busy for the past few weeks due to work and school commitments (yup! pursuing a business course over here!). At most times, I have a bad habit of not being able to remove my entire make-up and that obviously leads to breakouts. I get breakouts on of my forehead, above my lip and jaw. And being a working student myself, my time just couldn’t stretch enough even on weekends. The mask helps me from getting breakouts.
The mask has a thick and clay texture. Although it doesn’t smell like sulfur, other ingredients make the smell really powerful. I  manage to get used to the smell;
its not that bad. It’s actually not really my concern as long as it does the job.


I prefer to do this at night before going to bed. I leave it for about 15 minutes then wash off with a face sponge. I  make sure that I use it twice a week.

After washing off the mask and please, excuse my baby hair!

As you can see above, I still have some blemishes on my forehead, nose and above the lip. However, the mask made all my blemishes completely dried! I also noticed that it did really made my pores shrink and revealed my more radiant and glowing skin.
I also found another way to use this product and surprisingly, I’m not alone since most gals have already been doing it: I use it as a spot treatment and it seems like it is more effective the actual Proactiv’s spot treatment.

Have you guys tried Proactiv refining mask?

What about their products?

If you do, feel free to share by commenting below!


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