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Review : Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Charcoal Face Mask


Putting face masks are just one of the great ways to relax while detoxifying the skin at the same time. I have combination skin which can be a combination of dry and normal skin. Dry in some areas and oily in others, such as the T-zone (nose, forehead, and chin). I also have large pores on both of my cheeks due to Dubai’s hot and humid weather and this area can easily get breakouts. I have been using this for 4 months now and I just wanted to share how great this product is!


This facial mask has 3 active ingredients to combat acne. These are:

  • Tea Tree Oil – have natural anti-bacterial properties; also known to dry out whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and other blemishes.
  • Witch Hazel –  disinfectant, anti-irritant and have anti-inflammatory properties
  • Charcoal – known to have the ability to remove toxins from the face and body; draws out impurities; helps tighten pores; instantly brightens the face.

These ingredients are known to prevent acne and clean the deepest layer of the skin. Thus, making the skin clearer, smoother and brighter. I pretty have a good skin during my high school days and now that I’m 20, they’ve started to pop out and say hello to the world. Err. I have been breaking out a lot for the past few months and so I’ve decided to give this mask a try.

And this is what it looks like once you spread it all over your face.







It looks ridiculously funny but I’m telling you guys that this face mask really cleansed my face. The smell of witch hazel is really strong once applied. It’s bearable tho’ since you just have to let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. I really find charcoal to be working so well when it comes to cleansing regardless if it is on the face and body. It also helps minimize the size of my pimples overnight and dries up quickly. As per the instructions, I put this once or twice a week. I apply this at night so that my skincare products will really sink in. The other reason why I always put this at night is that I just wanna make my parents scream. Lol. This effortless prank works well on my mom more than my dad. Hahaha XD

The packaging is really smart as it comes on a travel-size tube which you can pretty much carry whenever you go especially when traveling. Aside from its wonders, this face mask is also budget-friendly as it will only cost you 24 DHS. Not bad at all right?

You can find this product on all Boots Pharmacy mall branches. You can also order here.


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